Spread of Telangana Tribes

After the formation of the new State of Telangana on the 2nd June, 2014, the State Government has attached top-most priority for the development of Scheduled Tribe population in the State, which accounts for 9.34 per cent of the total population (as per 2011 census), which is significantly higher compared to the percentage of 6.99 STs in the combined State of AP. Many innovative schemes like Kalyana Lakshmi for financial assistance to ST girls of marriageable age have been planned by the Tribal Welfare Department.

About TWD

The Tribal welfare department (i) Constitutional safegaurd: Ensuring effective implementation of the Rule of Reservation in favour of STs in the State and special reservations for STs in Scheduled Areas (ii)Welfare: Education, Health , Livelyhood etc. of Tribals (iii)Development Schemes: Infrastructure Development-Road Network, Educational infrastructure, Girijan Bhavanas, Domestic Ration depots, Wellness centres , Strengthening Social Capital .


The disadvantaged communities shall be empowered to overcome all social, economic, cultural and psychological barriers through self-managed organizations. They will attain higher productivity with improved skills and asset base and utilize resources to full potential and gainful access to services.


Our mission is to enable the disadvantaged communities perceive possibilities for change and bring about desired change by exercising informed choices through collective action